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Product & Packaging

This product-based project involved initially choosing a name before developing a logo and selecting suitable contents to be included in a grow your own herbs kit

It was mandated that the kit packaging was eco-friendly and that no plastic was used. Our aim was to create an offering suitable for and attractive to children who could team up with their parents and siblings and collectively learn a little about self-sustenance as we all try to move towards a greener, healthier future with a vastly reduced carbon footprint.


In essence the concept was a very simple one: "Let's turn over a New Leaf together!".

A hexagonal panel was chosen to display the logo on the front of the container, which itself was a simple wooden crate. The hexagon choice was significant as it represents one of the strongest shapes seen in nature. Wraparound labels to keep larger items like the herb pots in place tidily were also adorned with the logo on a hexagonal panel. 

Each item in the kit comes with an information label which was written, or so it seems, in the first person by the implement itself. This was a conscious choice made to appeal to kids' natural curiosity while kindling their energetic

imaginations by bringing the kit to life.

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