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                      Pop Art Portrait

A digital illustration of the beautiful Kloë with a halftone overlay and border used to achieve the classic comic book effect. 


Achievement Commemoration

A bespoke gift frame to commemorate the silver medal achieved by the Cork U-11 Girls team at the 2019 National Juvenile Cross Country Championships. Photographs of the post race celebrations are featured together with a list of the team members with an Athlete In Focus, namely Noelle Mulcahy.

                   GTA Style Portrait

A digital illustration of William relaxing at the Del Perro Pier in the art-style of the infamous video game series. 

First Birthday Gift Frame 

Memorable moments from this birthday boy's first year were collaged digitally and the print was mounted onto a craft papier mache one which was itself then mounted to a frame. A foamcore shelf supports a teddy bear holding  a "birthday boy" badge with Cormac's photo. 

   Milestone Birthday Collage 

A lifetime of photographs were scanned and desaturated before being digitally collaged  to be applied to the papier mache letters M-U-M as a special gift for a milestone birthday.

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